Why Buy Pre-Owned?

If you have never bought pre-owned previously, then we hope the following information will help you to decide and may even save you money.

Pre-Owned Handbags cost less:

The biggest hit of item depreciation occurred between the transition from new to pre-owned. Many pre-owned bags settle in price after this and depreciation slows considerably. For a number of highly desirable bags, their value can even increase in value due to scarcity and desirability.

Buying pre-owned bags opens up opportunities to afford brands that you would have otherwise not expected. It also means you can consider the piece you really want without being put off by inherent high depreciation.

Our founder started The-Hosta.com with a clear mission to honour the craftsmanship and the creators who make beautiful bags, and allow customers to shop in a more sustainable fashion. By buying pre-owned you’re not only contributing to the life (and story) of these items, but you’re also limiting the environment impact associated with the production of new items.

Bags as investment pieces:

High quality, desirable pre-owned bags retain much of their value, so once you’ve enjoyed your bag, why not consider selling with The Hosta. Read more about our Consignment Service.

Why Buy From The-Hosta.com?

Buying pre-owned needn’t be a daunting experience. We have set the standard for quality and peace of mind when it comes to buying pre-owned luxury and vintage bags. Here is why:

Everything listed on The-Hosta.com is held and sold by us. Each and every item has been fully authenticated by our team, prior to being listed. We also photograph every item, and ensure that any minor imperfections are clearly described and detailed on the product listings.

In addition to our Authenticity Guarantee, every item we sell is covered by our 14 day returns policy.

As a small company, we care about building lasting relationships with our customers, and as such, we work hard to ensure we’re delivering the best and most personal service possible. If you have any questions or suggestion, or you’re looking for a specific bag that we haven’t got listed on The-Hosta.com, please do not hesitate to email us (hello@the-hosta.com).