Consigning with The Hosta

Considering selling your luxury or vintage bag? Send photos and details to and enjoy up to 85% of the total sale price.

Upon receiving your email and initial appraisal of the item, we'll organise a secure pickup from your home or workplace and proceed with the item's authentication.

Once approved, we take care of photographing, marketing, and selling your handbag. If sold, you'll receive your payment via bank transfer after a 2-week return period. If your items remain unsold after 8 weeks, we'll return them to you at no extra charge.

What are the fees associated with consignment?

  • Under £1000 (Item Selling Price): You receive 70%
  • Between £1000 - £3999 (Item Selling Price):  You receive 80%
  • Over £4000 (Item Selling Price): You receive 85%

What to include in your email for the best price?  

  • Photos of the bag (interior and exterior)
  • Designer
  • Name of the bag (if known)
  • Purchase date  (if known)
  • Purchase location (if known)
  • Photos of receipt (if available)
  • Details of packaging such as boxes or dust bags that you may have

For questions regarding accepted bags, our valuation standards, the approval process, and more, please check our FAQs or reach out to us directly.

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