Fendi Baguette Size Guide

It’s a pleasure to be discussing the iconic Fendi Baguette with you in this article. Often seen as a desirable silhouette for any handbag collector, it is longer than it is high and presents itself as an east-west style.

Designed by the founders’ granddaughter, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the bag wasn’t always called the Baguette. The well-known name came after a journalist wrote an article referring to the bag as a ‘little purse that you wear under your arm, like a French baguette’. Handbag fans were spotted wearing the purse tucked under the arm, the very same way that the French are usually seen carrying their national favourite long baguette loaf. Fendi loved it and the name stuck.

The Fendi Baguette History 

Launched in 1997, the Fendi Baguette rose to mainstream popularity having appeared in the TV show Sex And The City. Carrie Bradshaw made the world aware she was not just carrying any bag with her world renowned exclamation “it’s a baguette”. This catapulted the Fendi Baguette to its iconic status as a must have item for any true fashion lover’s wardrobe.

The baguette bag has remained current and relevant and has transcended time and trends. A highly sought after bag, its celebrity clients include Rhianna, Kate Moss, Oliva Palermo and Naomi Watts.

The bag is known for its distinct shape, removable top handle, a detachable cross body strap and the metal FF logo fastening. Proving its ability to adapt and remain current the Fendi Baguette has seen over 700 versions. Designs have included the immediately recognisable Zucca FF fabric, statement purple sequins, denim, embroidered flourishes, bold animal prints and minimal muted hues. 

In 2019 Fendi re-released an updated version of the Baguette. Why the need to re-release an iconic piece?? Just like any classic, it needed a bit of nurturing and the key difference is it has extra straps to be worn in a cross body fashion or as a pouch. This is in comparison with the original Baguette which has one handle that you can adjust a little bit using the buckles on either side of the bag.

In 2022, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fendi Baguette, Fendi released the bag in a design-your-own version. They provided a canvas structure of the baguette (the standard hardware was attached) but the box contained a multitude of coloured threads that enabled you to sew through the bag, thus creating a completely unique baguette to you. A sustainable concept that also allows you to unpick the thread and re-create your baguette as and when your style evolves. 

2023 also saw Fendi launch a limited-edition baguette in collaboration with Tiffany & Co

Fendi Baguette Sizes

Fendi stayed true to the idea that a one size baguette doesn’t fit all, its classic shoulder design has been developed into a size for every occasion. If you’re wondering which size would be right for you continue reading our extensive guide below to be confident with your Fendi Baguette purchase.

  • Nano Baguette
  • Mini Baguette
  • Medium Baguette
  • Large Baguette


  Dimension (inches) Dimensions (cm) Shoulder Drop (cm) Handle Drop   (cm)
Nano Baguette 4.3 x 2.5 x 0.98 11 x 6.5 x 2.5 57cm -
Mini Baguette 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.6
19 x 11.5 x 4
58cm 6.3cm
Medium Baguette 10.6 x 5.9 x 2.3
27 x 15 x 6
41cm 10cm
Large Baguette 13 x 7.1 x 2.1
33 x 18 x 5.5
32cm 7.6cm


Nano Baguette Bag

The iconic Baguette bag is available in a Nano version, with flap and FF fastening. The clip allows this size baguette bag to be attached charm style to larger bags or belts. It’s also perfect for wearing as a crossbody due to the fine chain that is attached to it. It’s as small as your wallet and perhaps a viable alternative for a wallet on chain purchase. 

What fits inside a Nano Baguette?

Given the petite nature of this bag, it’s perfect for those times where you need to carry the essentials. A few debit cards, keys and a small lipstick

Mini Baguette Bag

Light and easy to wear, the chain handle on the mini baguette bag really allows this bag to work seamlessly from day to night. A statement print or bright colour can be the perfect way to add that instant “pop” of colour to any outfit. It can be a great way to experiment with colours you wouldn’t usually wear. 

What fits inside a Mini Baguette Bag?

This mini baguette bag is a classic mini bag in the sense that it will fit your absolute essentials. The Mini can fit your keys, a small wallet, your phone, and one or two makeup compacts. 

Medium Baguette Bag

The Medium Baguette is the perfect everyday bag. The cross-body strap and removable top handle on later versions also mean you can wear it in so many different ways and you can customise the bag to suit your outfit.

What fits inside a Medium Baguette Bag?

The Medium Baguette is a great everyday bag and is large enough in size to suit your daily needs. It will allow you to bring your iPhone, wallet, car keys, card holder and makeup essentials.

Large Baguette Bag

The classics will always be evolving and will often have a small redesign, this is how the large baguette bag came about. You may be wondering looking at the measurements table below how does the large baguette bag compare to the likes of the Chanel Maxi Classic bag. Comparatively, it’s evenly sized in length, but bigger in height and depth.

What fits inside a Large Baguette Bag?

This is the most spacious baguette bag and is perfect if you’re the kind of person who has a busy schedule and needs to take more with you on a daily basis. It will carry a small umbrella, a mini makeup bag, iPhone, earbuds and even your sunglasses.

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