How should I store my luxury handbag when not in use?

Whether you have a cherished luxury handbag or a growing collection of pieces, to ensure they retain their beauty and value over time, proper storage is key.

Though often simple, it is no secret that these guidelines can have a significant impact on how your handbag ages. Here goes. 

Vintage Loewe Bucket Bag with Drawstring Inner - White
Vintage Loewe Bucket Bag with Drawstring Inner - White

Clean and Empty Your Handbag

Before storing your luxury handbag, we're recommend giving it a thorough cleaning. Start by emptying all pockets and removing any items from inside, including loose change, makeup, or receipts.

Use a soft cloth or a specialised leather cleaner to gently wipe down the exterior, removing any dirt or stains. For fabric bags, consider using a fabric-specific cleaner, or taking it to a professional (see our guide on Handbag Repair and Restoration).

Allow your bag to air dry completely before proceeding. 

Stuff Your Handbag:

Especially for more structured bags, maintaining the original shape of the design is a crucial step to preserving the handbag’s integrity over time. Stuff acid-free tissue paper or a soft, clean cloth inside your handbag to reinforce its shape and keep its structure intact in storage. Inserts are also often available for more famous and popular designer bags, providing an easy-to-use tool for those looking to preserve their handbags with precision.

This method not only helps prevent general creasing and sagging, but it also prevents other deformities that can occur when a bag is left empty for extended periods of time. Make sure that the stuffing or insert is neither too big nor too small, as either can negatively impact the bag's structure. 

Store in a Dust Bag:

Every luxury handbag we sell come with a dust bag, either the original or a 100% cotton dustbag from The Hosta - and for good reason. Dust bags are designed to protect your bag from dust, light, and moisture, meaning it’s an easy and stress-free way to ensure your designer piece remains in its best condition.

Beyond shielding your handbags from the elements, dust bags are a great way to preserve your accessory’s hardware as well.

If you don't have a dust bag, consider using a clean, breathable cotton pillowcase as an alternative. While other alternatives may also be valid, plastic bags should always be avoided when it comes to handbag storage as they can trap moisture and harm the bag's material over time.

Vintage Loewe Anagram Shoulder Bag
Vintage Loewe Anagram Shoulder Bag

Maintain in a Cool and Dry Environment:

Temperature and humidity play a significant role in preserving your handbag's leather quality. For the best results, store your bag in a cool, dry place, removed from direct sunlight exposure and heat; while hard to avoid, these conditions can easily cause leather to crack or fade. Excessive humidity, on the other hand, can lead to unwanted mould growth – make sure to also avoid storing your luxury handbag in damp areas like basements or poorly ventilated closets.

Rotate Your Handbags:

While it’s easy to get attached, show your handbag collection some love by rotating them regularly. This simple method prevents overuse and wear on a single bag while allowing each one to breathe and maintain its shape. 

Properly storing your luxury handbag is essential to preserving its beauty and value. By follow these seven expert tips, your cherished accessory will remain a timeless piece in your collection for years to come.

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