When was the LV looping bag released?

The Louis Vuitton Looping Bag, an embodiment of contemporary elegance, was first unveiled in 2003, under the discerning eye of the then Creative Director Marc Jacobs. The LV Looping Bag swiftly became a symbol of the brand's fusion of timeless sophistication and modern sensibilities.

Drawing inspiration from the effortlessly chic aesthetic of the early 2000s, the bag was crafted with a deliberate blend of functionality and refined design, cementing its place in the hearts of tastemakers worldwide.

Louis Vuitton Monogram GM Looping Tote Bag

The bag's name, "Looping," reflects the sleek and seamless curvature of its silhouette. The bag features a single, flawlessly integrated shoulder strap, offering unparalleled ease of wear.

With its distinctive yet understated design, the LV Looping Bag features impeccable craftsmanship, combining Louis Vuitton's signature monogram canvas with supple leather accents.

Inside - Louis Vuitton Monogram GM Looping Tote Bag

While Louis Vuitton has discontinued the production of the Looping bag, and many of its monogram items - in a move to increase the sale of their more expensive, all leather pieces - you can still pick up a variety of remarkable vintage pieces, which, even twenty years after their launch, are still iconic.

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