What is Vuittonite?

Louis Vuitton has used various materials for the linings of its bags throughout its history. Common lining materials include canvas, microfibre, textile linings, and occasionally leather. The specific lining used in a Louis Vuitton bag can vary depending on the collection, model, and the time period in which the bag was produced.

Prior to 1997, Louis Vuitton adorned many of its iconic bags with a cutting-edge material known as Vuittonite [pronounced 'vwee-tawn-ite']. Crafted with a vinyl-like composition, this innovative material was patented by Louis Vuitton for its remarkable water-resistant properties, ensuring effortless maintenance and cleanliness.

However, under elevated temperatures or excessive humidity, the once-reliable Vuittonite material succumbs to a gradual deterioration, resulting in a tendency to peel away from the bag's edges.

Louis Vuitton Croissant MM - LV Monogram Canvas

Over the passage of time, a peculiar stickiness develops, giving rise to a residue that, in extreme cases, takes on a distinctive black hue. This sticky phenomenon is particularly prevalent in the interior and exterior pockets of select models such as the Jeune Fille, Trocadero, Danube, and Saint Cloud. It's worth noting that this effect is not confined solely to pockets; it can extend its influence to the entirety of certain models like the Bucket, Compiegne, and Cosmetic Pouch.

While Louis Vuitton has transitioned away from using Vuittonite to line its contemporary bags, it's important to note that the brand does not classify the presence of peeling or stickiness in Vuittonite as a manufacturing defect. If you choose to seek repair for a vintage bag exhibiting these characteristics, Louis Vuitton does not extend coverage for the associated costs.

Opting for a re-lining service for a professional service such as TheHandbagClinic may be an option you wish to pursue, but this may come with a significant price tag, often surpassing the resale value of the bag itself. The cost-effectiveness of this solution depends on various factors, including the bag's intrinsic and sentimental value. Considering the potential expenses involved, exploring alternative options for re-lining or restoration might be a pragmatic approach to preserving both your vintage piece and your budget.

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