What is Prada Re-Nylon?

Prada Re-Nylon is an initiative by the Italian luxury fashion house to promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

The term "Re-Nylon" refers to Prada's commitment to using recycled nylon in the production of some of its products, particularly accessories like bags and backpacks.

Prada Nylon Backpack - Red

Nylon is a synthetic material that has been widely used in the fashion industry for its durability and versatility. However, the production of traditional nylon involves the use of non-renewable resources and can have environmental impacts.

Prada's Re-Nylon project aims to address these concerns by incorporating Econyl® regenerated nylon into their products. 

Econyl® is a brand of regenerated nylon made from recycled materials, including discarded fishing nets, industrial plastic waste, and fabric scraps. By using Econyl® in their Re-Nylon products, Prada contributes to reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional nylon production and promotes a more sustainable approach to fashion. Prada estimate that using ECONYL® yarn in the Prada Re-Nylon collection helps reduce global warming by up to 90% compared to using new nylon yarn.

The Re-Nylon initiative aligns with growing efforts within the fashion industry to adopt eco-friendly practices and materials, reflecting a broader trend towards sustainability and responsible production.

Prada launched its Re-Nylon program in 2019. The initiative marked a significant step for the brand toward incorporating sustainability into its practices.

The launch of the Re-Nylon program reflected a broader trend within the fashion industry, where many brands have been increasingly focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Prada's commitment to using recycled materials in its products, particularly in the production of iconic nylon accessories, was a notable move to address environmental concerns and promote a more sustainable approach to fashion.

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