Is LV canvas better than leather?

Louis Vuitton's coated canvas is particularly known for its durability and resistance to water and scratches, making it an excellent choice for everyday use and in varying weather conditions. The canvas is also generally lighter than leather, which can make the bag more comfortable to carry over extended periods.

On the other hand, leather options such as Epi or Empreinte offer a more luxurious and formal appearance, and you may prefer the natural aging process of leather, which can add character to the bag over time. Leather, however, may require more careful maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Noé Bucket Bag
Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Noé Bucket Bag

So, while canvas may offer greater practicality, leather often wins in terms of aesthetic richness and tactile pleasure. The "better" material for you will depend on your lifestyle, how you plan to use the bag, and your personal style.

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