Are Chanel Bags Made With Real Gold?

While Chanel is known for using high-quality materials and craftsmanship in its products, including fine leathers and hardware, the use of real gold in their bags is extremely rare, and confined to vintage Chanel bags. In late 2008, Chanel shifted from using 24k gold hardware to gold-toned hardware which means the hardware is plated with a layer of gold. This gives the hardware a luxurious and elegant appearance without the cost associated with using solid gold.

Chanel Single Flap Crossbody with 24K Gold Plated Hardware - Navy

Naturally, the specific materials and finishes used can vary depending on the collection and the design of the bag. A notable distinction between vintage and modern models, specifically in the finishing details. Vintage Chanel pieces have flat edge finish on the logo, modern example have a rounded finish

To identify a vintage Chanel handbag, look out for the gold hallmark stamp. Note: bags created prior to the latter part of 2008 may not universally exhibit a gold hallmark, with a notable distinction emerging between those originating from France and Italy. Specifically, handbags crafted in France typically bear a gold hallmark, serving as an authenticating feature, while their counterparts produced in Italy lack such a hallmark. This divergence in hallmark application based on manufacturing origin highlights the nuanced production practices within Chanel during the specified timeframe. 

Chanel Crossbody with 24K Gold Plated Hardware

If you have any additional questions about one of the authentic bags in our collection - including our range of pre-owned Chanel Classic Flap bags, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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