The Festive List - Curate & Rotate

The Festive List - Curate & Rotate

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The festive season has begun and we have caught up with some of our fabulous customers to find out their holiday plans and wishes for this year. Next up is Mel from Curate & Rotate. 

What are you hoping to receive this holiday season?

To be honest the main thing I would love is a nice break off work to spend with my friends and family, it has been a super busy few months for me and I am excited to slow down a little for a few days. But if I HAD to choose something it would be these Acne boots.


I am currently waiting for the pre-loved Christmas angels to have them come onto a curate & rotate rotation so I can nab them

What are you most excited to give?

My daughter her presents, she is now four years old and she is super excited for Christmas. We have bought her a mix of second hand and new pieces. 


What would you love to receive from The Hosta?

In my dreams hehe!




Where are you hoping to visit this holiday season?   

I just got back from Stockholm, which was incredible!


I feel lucky to have taken that trip so this Christmas I am keeping it closer to home and I am super excited for date night with my husband at one of our favourite restaurants Plateau, Brighton. It is such a treat to go for a meal together, and I am looking forward to a nice margarita and some yummy small plates.


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