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It's the most wonderful time of the year! The festive season has begun and we have caught up with some of our fabulous customers to find out their holiday plans and wishes for this year. First up is Leigh from The Re:Directory.

What are you hoping to receive this holiday season?

Well, its my birthday on Boxing Day too, so its double whammy….this year I’ve asked a lot of family if they would instead choose to spend some of the money that they would have spent on a present for me, on a donation to Choose Love. I have waaay more than I’d ever wish for and know this would make more of a difference than me acquiring more stuff that I don’t truly love or need.

Having said that, I have said  I’d love to receive some Ard Bakery chocolates (edible works of art – they’re incredible)

I LOVE the George Jensen vintage earrings you have on site too (very special)

I also LOVE the curation of products at Form Lifestyle store. Absolutely got my eye on the pasta candle

I’m also pretty obsessed with Old Green Studio and the glassware they make out of upcycled glass bottles. The colours are incredible, I think they’re really chic and a great talking point.


What are you most excited to give?

My nephew is 11, the age at which it seems video games dominate….
but actually our gift to him will be a weekend away of his choosing where he gets to pick the activities (except video games ha ha!) and any time we do that, he talks about it for years to come. Making the memories is the best with him.

What would you love to receive from The Hosta?

Well, through you I discovered an absolute LOVE of vintage Loewe (hence why my 2 investments from you have been that brand). That love has most certainly continued because I adore the new one you recently launched:



Where are you hoping to visit this holiday season?   

So, I have my biggest Christmas wish this year granted already and that is to be up in Yorkshire with a large contingent of our family (which is where I’m from). This will mean big walks in the Peak District too which is perfect for blowing the cobwebs away. We are also planning to visit Norfolk for a couple of days, booking last minute


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