The Festive List - Izzy Manuel

The Festive List - Izzy Manuel

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The festive season has begun and we have caught up with some of our fabulous customers to find out their holiday plans and wishes for this year. Next up is Izzy Manuel.

What are you hoping to receive this holiday season?

This Christmas I am hoping for more practical things that are for everyday and things for my home! So I would love some big funky and colourful picture frames for prints, there is this amazing print Teacake Dim Sum Print by Sarah Kwan that I absolutely adore that would be on my list, funky plant pots, socks never go amiss, of course fun socks!

I am really happy with my current wardrobe so don't feel like I need anything clothing wise which makes a nice change! In terms of present ideas, I think socks is always a classic, no one ever buys their own socks but it is such an essential, and things like crafty art kits (eg DIY mug making kits etc), are great as people can do them over the Christmas break!

Candles are also such a lovely gift idea, a lovely soy wax candle which is perfect to light throughout the Christmas period and the best little pick me up in January.

What are you most excited to give?
I am hoping my partner doesn't read this hahaha, but I found the most amazing fleece liner jacket new with tags on Vinted and it sells for over £200 new but I managed to get it for £50 which I am so chuffed about!
There are so many amazing gems second hand that make perfect Christmas presents second hand and I think it is so easy to forget that!

What would you love to receive from The Hosta?

There are so many amazing pieces at The Hosta, it is really hard to choose! I absolutely love the Chanel Chocolate Bar Bag - Beige Leather although my style is very bold and colourful, I do when it comes to luxury items go for something a bit more neutral so tat it goes with everything, the Beige of the Chanel Chocolate bar goes with literally every colour but isn't quite as harsh as black so would work really well with my style!



Where are you hoping to visit this holiday season?   

Bath (esp the Christmas Market) and The Salad Days Market! Bath is truly just the most beautiful place, I went to uni there so it really does feel like home and it is just so picturesque and has so many independents too! I find that local makers markets are so good for supporting small, sustainable businesses and you can get some gorgeous things are Christmas presents!


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