The Festive List - Chiara Perera

The Festive List - Chiara Perera

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The festive season has begun and we have caught up with some of our fabulous customers to find out their holiday plans and wishes for this year. First up is Chiara Perera.

What are you hoping to receive this holiday season?

I would like a pony, haha I am joking. Or am I? The dream present I would love is a Foundrae necklace but honestly I would be so thrilled with a White Company hot water bottle and some fluffy socks and a Ralph's Coffee Cup and a fancy hand cream :) 



What are you most excited to give?

My family and friends and I love a good festive treat, so that could be some fancy mince pies from Fortnum's or presents for the pets. 
The girls have asked for some Summer Friday Lip Butter Balms or fluffy socks! 

What would you love to receive from The Hosta?

I am loving these 2 Prada bags - if they turn up at my door I would be thrilled 

I have been lusting after something suede and in a chocolate hue so this gorgeous Gucci bag is also stunning 


Where are you hoping to visit this holiday season?   

I love to go for a nice long walk and stumble across a market, whether it's the one at South Bank or good old winter wonderland where you can just wander around and eat all the festive treats. Or maybe take a train down to Winchester where there is a fab little festive market. 
Another tradition we have is to go see the Nutcracker! It is my favourite thing to do with my family.
Another thing I am doing with my friends with kids is taking them to Pottery Cafe where they can paint some little trinkets and keep them as a keepsake. If you are after a Sunday roast check out The Cadogan Arms.
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