Meet The Experts: Medium Room. Vintage Art Experts.

Meet The Experts: Medium Room. Vintage Art Experts.

For Second Hand September we have interviewed 10 experts in the field, delving into the world of vintage and secondhand. Covering categories such such fashion, furniture and watches we spoke with industry leaders about the boom in this ever growing category. Next up is Natalie, founder of Medium Room, our vintage art expert.

For those that don’t know you, how would you describe yourself and what you do?
My name is Natalie, I founded Medium Room in 2019, I sell a curated selection of vintage and antique art. I only sell pieces that I would hang on my own walls, which means I have a small but carefully hand-picked inventory.

What was the inspiration behind Medium Room and how did you develop the brand?

My business started as a hobby/addiction and developed as my house became too full with paintings! I needed more wall space so started selling some of my own vintage paintings. I have taken things slowly and let things grow organically. With the magic of Instagram I have managed to build a comprehensive customer base. I opened a small studio/gallery space outside of Cirencester in 2022 and my family were relieved to get our kitchen table back.

Why do you think consumers are gravitating towards vintage art?

Most of us couldn't afford a painting by a well known artist, buying vintage art allows people to purchase a quality painting on their visual response alone. 

Vintage art has an accessible price point and you will own a one-off piece that no one else will have. Vintage art also sits perfectly in both period and contemporary settings.

How important is mount and framing vintage art?

Framing is so important and can really elevate a piece. I would always recommend using a framer with The Guild Commended Framer qualification. However, I do also like an unframed piece, propped up on a shelf, giving a more casual approach to display allows much more freedom and softness to interiors. 

Tips on buying vintage art and how to create a cohesive collection?

Buy for love and go with your gut feeling, you want to enjoy looking at the piece for years to come. If you are at an antiques market early in the winter months, don't buy in the dark or even with a torch, wait until there is natural light. One thing I will always advise customers is to move their art around their house. Just because you hung a painting in one place doesn’t mean it has to stay there!

It’s amazing how you can see a painting differently hung on a new wall or catching a different light

How do you source your pieces?
I love the sourcing and I will admit, I’m probably addicted to it! I use auctions, antique fairs and I have built up relationships with art dealers in both the UK and Europe.

Any particular styles or eras of vintage art that are currently in demand?

Mid-century art is popular, I like to offer a mixture of paintings from all over Europe and my eye is often drawn to abstract paintings and portraits. I am often asked to source large paintings, I think people are often on the lookout for a statement piece at an affordable price. 

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