Meet The Experts: Shelby Hyde, Vintage Fashion Journalist Expert.

Meet The Experts: Shelby Hyde, Vintage Fashion Journalist Expert.

For Second Hand September we have interviewed 10 experts in the field, delving into the world of vintage and secondhand. Covering categories such such fashion, furniture and watches we spoke with industry leaders about the boom in this ever growing category. Next up is Shelby Hyde, our vintage fashion journalist expert.

For those that don’t know you, how would you describe yourself and what you do?
One of the best parts about life is having the ability to do and be a bunch of different things. But that’s also the beauty of being a freelance journalist, I get the opportunity to explore all my passions. So in addition to being someone that writes and reports on fashion, I consider myself a secondhand fashion and vintage savant, with a penchant, specifically, for denim and leather. . 

"My love for this aspect of the market has taken me to the United Nations headquarters and furthered my interest in sustainability and the impact the industry has on our planet." 


Where do you find inspiration for your articles on vintage fashion and styling?

It sounds so cliche but a lot of my inspiration comes from my everyday life. Whether it’s through my curated social media timeline or simple shopping for my own collection. I spend so much of my time perusing what’s on the market that I’m always inspired to dig a little deeper. For example my love for second hand denim and leather is rooted in my Midwestern roots, so I always try to sniff around for interesting stories to tell.

Do you have any advice for young writers wanting to break into fashion journalism?

"My biggest piece of advice is always work smarter not harder".

Anyone can subscribe to hustle culture but only those that are savvy and strategic in their trajectory will be successful. And just like within any industry, being kind (not necessarily nice) is key to “making it” in fashion journalism, especially as a freelancer. I’ve gotten so much work from the connections that I’ve made along the way.  There have even been instances where some of the writers I hired during my editor days, became editors later down the line and have given me assignments. It truly pays off to be kind..

Why do you think consumers are gravitating towards vintage and pre-owned?
Fashion psychologist, Shakaila Forbes Bell talks about this quite a bit and I think a lot of the growing interest in the vintage and pre-owned market has to do with our innate affinity for nostalgia. We tend to look back on past decades through  rose-colored glasses as “fonder times”, whether that’s true or not and consumers just want a taste of these time periods. I also believe that now more than ever, people are starting to think about the life cycles of their items and the ways in which they can be more eco-friendly.  

What is the next big era in vintage fashion following the Y2K trend?
We’re already seeing it happen but I really think the mid-2000s is going to come back in a more elevated way–think peak Hollister and Abercrombie. I was a teenager during this time and there are already rumblings of the return of long Henleys layered over camisoles, Birkenstocks, etc. It’s a very niche trend but like with any other revival, it will be done in a way that feels more updated for the times.

What is your favourite era of clothing??
This really just depends. I like to pull inspiration from a bunch of different eras but the majority of my style comes from the ‘90s and early 2000s. Artists like Aaliyah, played a big role in the way I dress–tiny tops with baggy pants. But I also appreciate Bianca Jagger’s polished suiting and general tailoring of the ‘70s. It’s just so chic. 

Where do you buy vintage and pre owned clothings, bags and accessories from?
I never know how to answer this question because the truth is, I buy from a wide range of places and it often depends on the category. For designer bags, I like to stick with retailers and websites that can properly authenticate their inventory–like Fashionphile, Rebag, etc. Whereas, I prefer to shop for clothing and more niche accessories (I weirdly have a thing for needlepoint bags with kiss-lock fastenings), IRL, with a few exceptions like Singulier Mtl and Dora Maar. I also thoroughly enjoy buying vintage and secondhand pieces when I travel, it doesn’t matter where it is or how long I’m on the ground. From Iceland and Portugal to Kingston, New York, Miami and pretty much anywhere in the Midwest, I’m going to find vintage shopping. 

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